Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How To Install TWRP- on MIUI 9 (Mi Note Marshmallow)

1. First, be sure to have android drivers for your Mi note. You will need it to use fastboot or adb...
  • Personally, I use PDANet driver for windows. plug your device and install it, if it fail, restart your computer using "Disable driver signature enforcement" explained here.
  • Or use Mi PC Suite
2. Don't forget to have USB Debugging in Developer options (you know how to do it )

3. Next, reboot your phone in fastboot (power +volume down pressed).

4. Now, you have to download a special version of TWRP for Mi note  TWRP- (unzip it to get the img file)

5. Next, reboot your phone in fastboot (power +volume down pressed).
  • in fastboot mode. You can do the next step to test if TWRP Image is working, it will boot your device temporary usig TWRP (not installed yet)
fastboot boot twrp-virgo.img

  • if everything okay, then flash it using fastboot with this command
fastboot flash recovery twrp-virgo.img

6. Reboot your device wuth this command

fastboot reboot
If you want to root your device using TWRP, you can read it here

Source : miui forum

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