Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OpenWRT on TP-Link MR3420 v1.2 (OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09-beta2)

Here's my experiences using OpenWRT on TP-Link MR-3420, i don't posting detail how to upgrade from TP-Link original firmware to OpenWRT firmware, because i think you should know how to upgrade firmware than continue to configuring your new firmware, don't worry, there is a lot information on the net about upgrading firmware from TP-Link firmware to OpenWRT firmware.

Here what i did with my Router Download Firmware OpenWRT untuk MR3420 versi Attitude Adjustment Versi 12.09-Beta2 For fresh upgrade (from TP-Link to OpenWRT)

For system upgrade (from OpenWRT to OpenWRT)
My goal is :
1. Create Rootfs on External Storage (Exroot / Jail Break)
2. Having Samba Server on it
3. Also Ftp server
4. And My DLNA server
5. Oh...My 3GS USB Dongle also must be worked on it, and yes, it worked too, even when i used usb hub

And here's my router and StoreJet

Wireless Router TP-Link MR-3420 v1.2.

Transcend StoreJet 1TB

Huawei E173

And Yes, I can have all of it !!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Om...
silakan cek Kulkas, cendol suda saya lempar. maaf baru buka kaskus

ini mau eksekusi, mumpung gak ada kerjaan. do'in berhasil.

have nice day.

diantokam said...

Mantap Gan, semoga berhasil, and thank's buat cendol-nya

Catalin said...

I see that you are using MR3420, I have the same router. Did you try to send emails from your setup? Even if the internet is full of such examples, I keep getting errors: TLS not compiled and so on. I am struggling with that topic, if you succeeded and you wish to share your findings, I'll appreciate! Thanks!

diantokam said...

no, i didn't try to send email from my setup, btw why you want to send email from MR3420?