Saturday, September 08, 2012

Part-02 Create Backup Profile

After downloading all aplication, it's time to me to create backup profile using deltacopy (DeltaC.exe), double click DeltaC.exe and create backup profile as you need:

Step-01 : Create backup profile, Just give profile name as you like, in host name field insert with your rsync server name or ip, and for directory name insert with backup location (diretory) on your rsync server. Don't check Assign to scheduler because we would like to use Cron.exe as Task Scheduler.

Step-02 : File list, replace it with the file that you want to backup

Step-03 : for file option, i don't change anything except additional parameters, in this field i put : --exclude='Thumbs.db' --exclude='.DS_Store' --exclude='._*' --exclude='Desktop.ini' --exclude='*.lnk'

Step-04 : In authentication, put username and password that you allow to connect to your rsync server, this configuration is done on server side.

Step-05 : This is only optional choice, do it only if you want notified by email for every backup profile you created, in this example i use my local email server.

make sure you click on Test Email button to test your email notification, if you got display like bellow, it means your setting is correct, if not...than find it by your self :D

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