Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Integrating KeePass 2 with Chrome (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit)

This how to copied from KeePassHttp website, i just adding some picture and text.

Requirement :

1. KeePass Version 2.x or Higher, get it from here
2. KeePassHttp, you can download from here

Installation :

1. Install KeePass, see instruction here
2. Install KeePassHttp by dropping KeePassHttp.plgx into the KeePass Program Files directory
3. Log into KeePass
4. Verify KeePassHttp has been installed correctly by checking Tools > Plugins
5. Your database in KeePass has to be unlocked.
6. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension chromeIPass.

7. Now there is a new browser icon available

8. Click on the icon and press the button to connect to KeePassHttp:

9. KeePassHttp shows you an dialog to give the pairing request a name. You could call it "Chrome on my main computer".

10. If you click on the browser icon again it should show you the following information:

11.Navigate to any page containing a password, it should be there is pop up asking you to confirm access, Allow it.

12. Your passwords are now securely retrieved from KeePass and automatically entered into password forms and fields when needed.

13. Done

Integrating KeePass with :

1. DropBox
2. Firefox
3. Android

Source : KeePassHttp


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Thank you!

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Great Job Dude! It is really helpfull and now in my browsers-favorites.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this.Looking for it!
Got a problem installing.
Put the file keepasshttp.plgx in de map where Keepass.exe is.
(tested it als in the underlying Plugins map)
Restarted Keepass/Restarted the computer but keepass doenst see the plugin file
What can i do?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Finally I understood my problem and could solve it.
Have a nice day.